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  • 1. Framework_EN (100%)

    8-mar-2013 21.55.16

    levels of proficiency which allow learners’ progress to be measured at each stage of learning and ... of reference points (levels or steps) by which progress in learning can be calibrated. It should ... and those units need also to be situ- ated on this vertical dimension of progress, i.e. assessed ... progress as learners acquire the proficiency to perform in a wider range of communicative activities. Progress is not merely a question of moving up a vertical scale. There is no particular logical

  • 2. EFACIS Book of Abstracts (69%)

    12-mag-2015 18.19.24

    of adaption has not been easy or seamless. And it is a process still in progress. This paper

  • 3. Allegato A (64%)

    4-feb-2015 17.36.46

    evaluate and record progress and prepare pupils for_______________ (38). They link pupils' knowledge

  • 4. TAL2016 online version (64%)

    8-giu-2016 10.35.39

    meeting four objectives at the same time: social progress which recognises the needs of everyone

  • 5. tal 2016 online version (64%)

    6-giu-2016 11.26.51

    : social progress which recognises the needs of everyone; effective protection of the environment