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How to start and manage an online journal


This website section is intended as an information support for those Departments and other research centres in our University that either are planning the creation of an e-journal, or have decided that a journal formerly published in paper should be moved to the electronic form. 

In October 2010, a training course “Creating and managing an online journal” was realized in cooperation with CINECA by Andrea Marchitelli and Paola Galimberti. The contents were oriented to the acquisition of new competencies and new operating tools in the field of programming, designing and managing online journals for our University’s teaching and research Departments. Following this training pathway, in this section of our website we have started to provide information and practical advice on the creation of a publishing infrastructure for those who wish to realize an open access electronic journal in a scholarly environment.


How to start and manage an open access online journal

The advantages in the creation of online scholarly journals at low costs for academic research. 


Start an online journal in 9 steps

Useful information on the start up process for an electronic journal: all the steps (necessary and/or optional), from  official registration to indexing in the main catalogues and databases.


Useful documentation

A collection of documentation supporting the foundation of an online journal: legal framework, editorial manuals, examples of academic electronic journals, etc.