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CV Eng




Maria Chiara Mistretta is currently a research fellow at the Department of Civil, Environmental, Aerospace, Materials Engineering, with a research grant on “Rheological characterization of biodegradable polymers for blow-moulding applications”.

She graduated in Chemical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Palermo.

She achieved the PhD Degree in Chemical and Materials Engineering in 2009, defending a thesis entitled “Compatibilization of polyamide/polyolefin blends in presence of nanoparticles”.

From February to April, 2009 she achieved a post-doc research grant entitled “Recycling of polyester blends”. From May 2011 to May 2012 she achieved a post-doc research grant entitled “Fabrication of nanostructured template on electric conductive supports” at University of Palermo.

Her research activity is focused on preparation, characterization and processing of novel polymer systems, both nanocomposite or biodegradable.