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Laura Ercoli, graduated in Geological Science (110/110 cum laude), is a Researcher and a Lecturer in Applied Geology (Scientific-disciplinary sector Geo05, subsector 04/A3) at the Department of Civil, Environmental, Aerospace and Materials Engineering of the University of Palermo. Since 1984 to date she gives courses of Applied Geology for the University graduate course in Faculty of Engineering and cycles of lectures from 1996 to 2003 in formative projects financially supported by EU. Tutor of a two year research grant (MIUR) (2012-2014) on the topic “Geological-geotechnical characterization of weak rocks of the cultural heritage in Sicily” whose winner is Eng.Ph.D. Margherita Zimbardo. Her research activity, as holder, has been financially supported by the grant of MIUR ex 60% and, as member of a team, by PRIN 2007 and within agreements between Institutions and Universities 4.1.2 A P.O. FERS 2007-2013, of Regional Centre for Restoration, and of Museum of Modern Art of Palermo. Her research focused on: • Measure of Weathering Degree of natural and artificial materials used for historical buildings (54 works) • Rock and fissured clay slopes stability (23 works) • Geomechanical characterization of soils and rocks (5 works) • Environmental analysis of extractive activities in quarries and recycling of processing waste (4 works) • Hydrogeology and historical hydrogeology (6 works) She has been Representative of the Palermo University in • Municipal council for environment and monumental-art preservation of Bagheria (2001-2003) • Regional Council for Town and Land Planning (2002-2006) As expert in geology, she was a member of : • Proposal Committee for the Regional Wild Park of Madonie (1983-86) • Scientific Provincial Council of Regional Province of Palermo (1990 –93)

Techinacal-scientific comittee:
Comitteee for the Proposal of the regional Park of Madonie ( regional law 98/81);
1990-1993 Scientific Provincial Council of the Regional Province of Palermo;
2001-2003 Council of the Municipality of Bagheria for the Environment and the Protection of the Artistic and Monumental Inheritance, in deputation of the University of Palermo
2002-2006 Regional Council for Land and Town Planning, in deputation of the University of Palermo.
Teaching activity at the University of Palermo:
1984-1993 courses of exercises in Applied Geology for the Graduate in Civil engineering;
1994-2002 courses of lessons for the Graduate degree in Environment and Resources Engineering;
2003-2005 courses of lessons for the Graduate in Civil Engineering.
Teaching activity in formative projects under financial support of UE:
1996 COMETT couses of lessons for the masters in “ Treatment and swallowing of urban and industrial liquid and solid wastes” “Methods for the evaluation of Environmental Impact” “Diagnostics ,analysis and project for the restoring of mansonry structures”
2002 course of lessons for the PostGraduate University Master in Building Recovery
2003 IFTS courses of lessons for the Undergraduate specialization Courses for “Catalogation and preservation of artistic inheritance (INFORMA CATALOG)”, “Environmental recovery (IMMI)”,”Restoring of natural stones and mortars” (ISAS).
The Research activity has been performed in the following fields:
a) mesostructrual geology respesct to the stability of clay and rock masses;
b) environmental geology;
c) applied lithology to architectonic, and artistic inheritance.
She is author of 74printed works , among wich n°12 on theme a); n°4 on theme b) and n°57 on theme c).