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Data Titolo Tipologia Scheda
2018 A Technical Approach to the Energy Blockchain in Microgrids Articolo su rivista Vai
2018 CADWAN – A Control Architecture for Dense Wi-Fi Access Networks Articolo su rivista Vai
2017 e-Fair: Aggregation in e-Commerce for Exploiting Economies of Scale Altro Vai
2017 The Blockchain in Microgrids for Transacting Energy and Attributing Losses Proceedings Vai
2017 Wireless Software and Hardware Platforms for Flexible and Unified Radio and Network Control (WiSHFUL) Articolo su libro Vai
2017 Charging Electric Vehicles Using Opportunistic Stopovers Proceedings Vai
2017 WiSHFUL: Enabling Coordination Solutions for Managing Heterogeneous Wireless Networks Articolo su rivista Vai
2017 Integration of WiFi ToF Positioning System in the Open, Flexible and Adaptive WiSHFUL Architecture Proceedings Vai
2016 Fairs for e-commerce: the benefits of aggregating buyers and sellers Altro Vai
2016 A unified radio control architecture for prototyping adaptive wireless protocols Proceedings Vai
2016 Self-validating bundles for flexible data access control Proceedings Vai
2016 Unified Radio and Network Control Across Heterogeneous Hardware Platforms Proceedings Vai
2016 Joint Usage of Dynamic Sensitivity Control and Time Division Multiple Access in Dense 802.11ax Networks Proceedings Vai
2016 Cross-technology wireless experimentation: Improving 802.11 and 802.15.4e coexistence Proceedings Vai
2016 SDN@home: A method for controlling future wireless home networks Articolo su rivista Vai
2015 RSS-eye: Human-assisted Indoor Localization without Radio Maps Proceedings Vai
2014 Fading mitigation coding techniques for space to ground free space optical communications (Euro Med Telco 2014) Proceedings Vai
2014 ARIANNA: a smartphone-based navigation system with human in the loop Proceedings Vai
2014 Statistical analysis of RaptorQ failure probability applied to a data recovery software Proceedings Vai
2014 Fading mitigation coding techniques for space to ground free space optical communications Proceedings Vai
2014 ErrorSense: Characterizing WiFi Error Patterns for Detecting ZigBee Interference Proceedings Vai
2013 Flexible and Modular Support for Multicast Rate Adaptation in WLANs Proceedings Vai
2013 Control Architecture for Wireless MAC Processor Networking Proceedings Vai
2013 ARIANNA: pAth Recognition for Indoor Assisted NavigatioN with Augmented perception Altro Vai
2013 Enabling Cognitive-Radio paradigm on commercial off-the-shelf 802.11 hardware Proceedings Vai
2013 WIDAR: bistatic WI-fi Detection And Ranging for off-the-shelf devices Proceedings Vai
2013 Supporting a Pseudo-TDMA Access Scheme in Mesh Wireless Networks Proceedings Vai
2013 Method of changing the operation of wireless network nodes Brevetti Vai
2013 Deploying Virtual MAC Protocols Over a Shared Access Infrastructure Using MAClets Proceedings Vai
2013 Wireless MAC Processor Networking: A Control Architecture for Expressing and Implementing High-Level Adaptation Policies in WLANs Articolo su rivista Vai
2012 WMPS: A Positioning System for localizing legacy 802.11 devices Articolo su rivista Vai
2012 Rateless Codes Performance Analysis in Correlated Channel Model for GEO Free Space Optics Downlinks Proceedings Vai
2012 MAClets: Active MAC Protocols over hard-coded devices Proceedings Vai
2012 Wireless Card Virtualization: From Virtual NICs to Virtual MAC Machines Proceedings Vai
2012 Breaking Layer 2: A New Architecture for Programmable Wireless Interfaces Proceedings Vai
2012 Correlated channel model for terrestrial Free Space Optics: performance analysis of rateless codes Proceedings Vai
2012 Wireless MAC Processors: Programming MAC Protocols on Commodity Hardware Proceedings Vai
2011 On the Flexibility of the IEEE 802.11 Technology: Challenges and Directions Proceedings Vai
2011 MAC–Engine: a new architecture for executing MAC algorithms on commodity WiFi hardware Proceedings Vai