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Data Titolo Tipologia Scheda
2018 Extended differential geometric LARS for high-dimensional GLMs with general dispersion parameter Articolo su rivista Vai
2016 Sparse relative risk survival modelling Proceedings Vai
2016 A differential-geometric approach to generalized linear models with grouped predictors Articolo su rivista Vai
2016 Model selection for factorial Gaussian graphical models with an application to dynamic regulatory networks Articolo su rivista Vai
2016 ℓ1-Penalized Methods in High-Dimensional Gaussian Markov Random Fields Articolo su libro Vai
2015 miR-155 regulative network in FLT3 mutated acute myeloid leukemia Articolo su rivista Vai
2015 Using the dglars Package to Estimate a Sparse Generalized Linear Model Articolo su libro Vai
2014 DgCox: a differential geometric approach for high-dimensional Cox proportional hazard models Proceedings Vai
2014 Robustness of dynamic gene regulatory networks in Neisseria Proceedings Vai
2014 An efficient algorithm to estimate the sparse group structure of an high-dimensional generalized linear model Proceedings Vai
2014 Cyclic coordinate for penalized Gaussian graphical models with symmetry restriction Proceedings Vai
2014 dglars: An R Package to Estimate Sparse Generalized Linear Models Articolo su rivista Vai
2013 Differential geometric least angle regression: a differential geometric approach to sparse generalized linear models Articolo su rivista Vai
2013 Estimation of sparse generalized linear models: the dglars package Proceedings Vai
2012 Differential geometric LARS via cyclic coordinate descent method Proceedings Vai
2012 Quantile regression via iterative least squares computations Articolo su rivista Vai
2012 A computational method to estimate sparse multiple Gaussian graphical models Proceedings Vai
2011 Using differential geometric LARS algorithm to study the expression profile of a sample of patients with latex-fruit syndrome Articolo su rivista Vai
2011 Plaid model for microarray data: an enhancement of the pruning step Articolo su libro Vai
2010 Using differential LARS algorithm to study the expression profile of a sample of patients with latex-fruit syndrome Proceedings Vai
2010 Differential expression of specific microRNA and their targets in acute myeloid leukemia Articolo su rivista Vai
2010 A statistical calibration model for Affymetrix probe level data Articolo su libro Vai
2009 Identifying modularity structure of a genetic network in gene expression profile data Articolo su rivista Vai
2009 Genetic Network construction in CML gene expression profile data analysis Proceedings Vai
2009 Mixing modelling ideas for microarray data Proceedings Vai
2009 Generalizing LARS algorithm using differential geometry Proceedings Vai
2009 Applying differential geometric LARS algorithm to ultra-high dimensional feature space Proceedings Vai
2008 An enhancement of the plaid model algorithm Proceedings Vai
2008 Random effects elliptically distributed in unbalanced linear models Proceedings Vai
2007 A Statistical Calibration Method based on Non-Linear Mixed Model for Affymetrix Probe Level Data Proceedings Vai
2007 Statistical Analysis of the Gene Expression Profile in Patients with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia and Innately Resistant to Imatinib Proceedings Vai
2007 Prediction of the gene expression measure by means of a GLMM Proceedings Vai
2007 Gene Expression Profile of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Innately Resistant to Imatinib Articolo su rivista Vai
2006 Modelling the background correction in microarray data analysis Proceedings Vai
2006 A new proposal for microarray background correction by means of a GLMM Proceedings Vai