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Short Biography



Vincenzo La Carrubba

Associate Professor of Material Science and Technology (SSD Ing-Ind/22)


Dr. Eng. V. La Carrubba received a Laurea cum laude in Chemical Engineering from Università di Palermo in 1997 and a PhD from Università di Palermo in 2001.

He had a first post-doc grant financed by DSM Research from 2001 to 2003, and a second post-docgrant co-financed by University of Palermo from 2003 to 2005.

In 2004 he received a master degree in Biomaterials from the consortium CIRMIB.

From 2006 to 2011 he was Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at Università di Palermo.

Since 2011 he is Associate professor of Material Science and Technology at University of Palermo.

His teaching activity covered several topics, including transport phenomena, material science and technology, process design, Biochemical Engineering.

His research interests are focused on the following themes:

° modelling and experimental analysis on crystallization kinetics of thermoplastic polymers under processing conditions

° development of on line tools (indentation test) for modelling and optimization of injection moulding

° modelling and characterization of phase separation processes for the synthesis of biodegradable polymeric scaffolds for tissue engineering and vascular tissue engineering applications

° modelling and experimental analysis of shrinkage and warpage in injection moulding of polymer composites

He published more than 40 papers on international ISI Journals, 2 patents, some book chapters and more extended abstracts on conference proceedings.



Research projects

- PRIN 2008, RU Palermo, 2010-12

- PRIN 2010, RU Palermo, 2013-16

- "SIBAR" PON 2007/2013

- “Collettore Idea Sole", Ministery of Environment, 2011-2013

- PON-SIB, PON 2007/2013

- Med-CHHAB, PON 2007-2013

- DIT PO FESR 2007/2013


- PA blends, supported by DSM, 2013

- “NFT”, supported by DSM, 2008;

- “PPA’s, supported by DSM, 2007;

- COST P12, 2004-2007;

- "PIAM", 2004-2007;

- “PBT/PET blends” supported by DSM, 2004-2006;

- Ex 60% quota UniPA, 2004-2006;

- PRIN, RU Palermo, 2002-2004.