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CV Eng



Vincenzo Fiore is Associate Professor in Technology and Material Science at Engineering Department of University of Palermo.

He was Research Fellow at University of Palermo from April 2012 to April 206 and from august 2017 to August 2020.

He graduated with honors in "Material Engineering" from University of Messina on July 2004 presenting a thesis on "Numerical and experimental investigation of the bearing behaviour of fiber reinforced composite materials".

He got a PhD in “Economic analysis, technological innovation and management for territorial development policies” from University of Palermo on April 2008 presenting a thesis on "Innovative technologies for the manufacturing of composite structures in the nautical field".

Its research interest is focused on fiber-reinforced composite materials, with the main following topics:

  • manufacturing and testing of fiber reinfroced composite materials;
  • extraction and characterization of new lignocellulosic fibres to be used as reinforcement of polymeric matrices;
  • manufaturing and testing of adhesive, mechanical and mixed joints between similar and dissimilar materials  (i.e., metal to composite, glass to metal, glass to composite);
  • manufacturing and testing of new eco-friendly materials with enhanced insulating properties;
  • evaluation of the aging resistance of traditional and innovative materials in hostile envirnoments;
  • analysis of viscoelastic behavior of metal, glass, composite structures and natural materials.

He is author/co-author of more than 50 publications in peer-reviewed journals, 2 patents, 4 book chapters and more than 30 conference presentations, seminars and invited lectures. He has supervised/co-supervised more than 60 Master thesis and have more than five years of teching experience. He is referee for many international ISI Journals and is member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Natural Fibers (ISSN: 1544-0478), Fibers (ISSN: 2079-6439) and Journal of Composites Science (ISSN: 2504-477X).