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My recent studies are mainly concerned with the relationships between language, history and cognition. In my recent book‘Economy’ in European History. Words, Contexts and Change over Time (Bloomsbury Academic: London 2022), I reconstructed the evolution of the term-concept ‘economy’ from Ancient Times to Modern History, highlighting the impact that language has on interpretation of texts and, as a consequence, on the relation past-present and on historical methods. Following on this line of analysis two articles delved into the terms-concepts ‘oeconomy’ and ‘political economy’ in Adam Smith’s writing (‘The Term ‘Political Oeconomy’ in Adam Smith’, Intellectual History Review, 31 (2), 2021: 321-339; and ‘“Oeconomy” and “Political Oeconomy” in TheTheory of Moral Sentiments and in The Wealth of Nations’, The Adam Smith Review, 13, 2023: 184-202).

This theoretical perspective has led me to an interpretation of history as a translation of the past. In 2023, I edited a volume entitled History as a Translation of the Past. Case-Studies from the West (Bloomsbury Academic) in which some distinguished historians and translation scholars have fascinatingly explored this approach to history. I am also bringing attention to the relationships between language, history and temporality; an article on ‘History as Translation / Anachronism as Synchronism’, published in Rethinking History (DOI: 10.1080/13642529.2023.2229685), offers further insights on this approach to history.

I am the scientific director of the International Conference ‘Synchronizing History. The Transplantation of European Ideas in the Americas’, scheduled to be held in Palermo in September 2024.