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“Travels Across the Literary Landscape” Research Seminars

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The motto of our the SAAF department this year is “SAAF è agricultura”, a play on words between “cultura” or culture, and “coltura” or crop. Indeed, our studies get to the foundation of human society: the land we live off of, the food we nourish ourselves with, and the landscape we enjoy. This year, many of us are doing without the travel that broadens our worldview as scholars, exposing us to new ways of doing and seeing. Indeed, at times during this last year we have not even travelled beyond our own front doorstep.

In the hopes of providing some relief from the physical and social isolation imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, I propose a cycle of monthly seminars for SAAF’s PhD students, as well as other interested members of the community. Each seminar will focus on a book written in English that focuses on agricultural, forestry, environmental and landscape themes. Selections from the texts will be made available online ahead of time, which we will discuss during the seminar. Aside from discussing the themes and content, some attention will also be paid to vocabulary and grammar. Some grammar review and vocabulary handouts will also be made available online for self-study, along with the answers. The last 15 minutes of each seminar will be reserved for answering questions on this study material or on attendants’ own writing in English. However, the seminar is not intended as a substitute for more formal English language instruction, and is aimed at those who have already achieved a B2 language proficiency level. Although the texts will be in English, each month’s texts will be chosen so that we “travel” as much as possible, exploring different geographical areas, cultures and landscapes. Both modern and classic literature will be explored. When possible, I would also like to invite different interested professors to join us.

Where: Online – LINK

When: On the first non-holiday Friday of every month, 4 pm - 5 pm

Program calendar




December 4th2020

“Growing Democracy”


January 8th2021

“Oh Christmas Tree!”


February 5th, 2021

“Nature in the City”


SAVE THE DATE :18.11.2020 - Workshop INFO

Workshop held by professor Brivaldo Gomes and professor Ceres Duarte, 
from Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco, Brazil