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Department Sections



Multi-disciplinarity characterizes the Department of Engineering of Palermo University: it deals with different scientific, evaluative and proactive aims. According to the principles of efficiency and economic management, the Department, while remaining a unitary structure, is divided into Sections, which are intermediate structures having advisory and proposal functions. They perform the following actions:

  •  take care of and develop the didactic and scientific aspects for the pertinent topics, according to the overall scientific and training project of the Department;
  •  participate in the planning and development policies of the Department;
  •  express opinions on the development of the cultural area that they represent by proposing to the Department Council the resources allocation methods, both human and instrumental, to support the development of the area itself;
  • participate in scientific and educational self-assessment exercises, providing data and indications.

The Sections, moreover, operate by removing obstacles to every activity in order to achieve the objective of improving quality standards.

Namely, the Department is divided into 6 Sections, each including a number of scientific-disciplinary Sectors:

Chemical, Biochemical and Materials Engineering, Hydraulics

Computer Engineering

Structural and Infrastructural Engineering

Mechanics, Manufacturing, Management & Aerospace

Electronics - Physics - Mathematics