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Biomedicina Sperimentale e Neuroscienze Cliniche







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The Department of Experimental Biomedicine and Clinical Neurosciences was born in 2010 by the merging of the Departments of Experimental Medicine, Biochemical Sciences and Clinical Neurosciences.

The research activities carried out within the Department involve various scientific fields:

·        BIO/06 Comparative Anatomy and Cytology

·        BIO/09 Human Physiology

·        BIO/10 Biochemistry

·        BIO/16 Human Anatomy

·        BIO/17 Histology and Embryology

·        MED/25 Psychiatry

·        MED/26 Neurology

·        MED/27 Neurosurgery

·        MED/30 Diseases of the Visual Apparatus

·        MED/31 Otolaryngology

·        MED/32 Audiology

·        MED/42 General and Applied Hygiene

·        MED/48 Nursing and Neuropsychiatric and Rehabilitative techniques

The teaching activities of the Department takes place in numerous undergraduate courses within the following Faculties:

·        Medicine and Surgery

·        Mathematic, Physics and Natural Sciences

·        Motor Sciences

·        Pharmacy

The Department has an active PhD program (Biomedicine e Neurosciences) and six Specialization Schools:

·        Sports Medicine

·        Food and Nutritional Sciences

·        Neurology

·        Psychiatry

·        Ophthalmology

·        Otolaryngology