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Library services

Vision, mission, values



The Library Service is not only the “coordinated set of the libraries, facilities and services of the University, aiming at satisfying the information, documentary and educational needs of its users”, but is also the place where research, teaching and third mission ( through which the University opens up to the territory) meet and are enhanced.



Managing a changing environment to contribute to learning, research and innovation at the Università, in a sustainable and socially aware way, through strategies and services of excellence, promoting the creation and transfer of knowledge.



Implementing strategies and providing quality services focused on the university and social community,through:

  • The creation of versatile space for individual or group study and work;
  • The efficient management, conservation and fruition of the University collections and scientific and academic products;
  • The offer of innovative services, supporting students in their educational path as well as teachers and researchers during the process of knowledge creation;
  • Proactive and competent professionals;
  • Partnerships for the advancement and promotion of commitment and social sustainability.


  • Innovative services, consistent with the times and the most recent technologies;
  • User-friendliness;
  • Commitment with the University in the fulfilment of its mission;
  • Continuing staff education, to enhance the various skills requested to academic librarians;
  • Commitment to excellence and open science;
  • Social responsibility