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Data Titolo Tipologia Scheda
2018 Plantxel: Towards a plant-based controllable display Proceedings Vai
2018 Ecological invitation to engage with public displays Proceedings Vai
2018 Exploring usability and accessibility of avatar-based touchless gestural interfaces for autistic people Proceedings Vai
2018 KIND-DAMA: A modular middleware for Kinect-like device data management Articolo su rivista Vai
2017 Body Gestures and Spoken Sentences: A Novel Approach for Revealing User's Emotions Proceedings Vai
2017 Real-time Body Gestures Recognition using Training Set Constrained Reduction Proceedings Vai
2017 Conveying Audience Emotions through Humanoid Robot Gestures to an Orchestra during a Live Musical Exhibition Proceedings Vai
2017 Human-to-Human Interaction: the Killer Application of Ubiquitous Computing Proceedings Vai
2017 A touchless gestural system for extended information access within a campus Proceedings Vai
2017 Exploiting Correlation Between Body Gestures and Spoken Sentences for Real-time Emotion Recognition Proceedings Vai
2017 Exploiting Social Comparison using Pervasive Displays and Mobile Notifications for Reducing Energy Consumption Proceedings Vai
2017 Investigating Avatar Influence on Perceived Cognitive Load and Bimanual Interactions with Touchless Interfaces Proceedings Vai
2017 Modular Middleware for Gestural Data and Devices Management Articolo su rivista Vai
2017 They are looking at me! Understanding how Audience Presence Impacts on Public Display Users Proceedings Vai
2016 Touchless interfaces for public displays: Can we deliver interface designers from introducing artificial push button gestures? Proceedings Vai
2016 Riconoscimento di gesti mediante dispositivi a basso costo: Tecniche, applicazioni, prospettive Articolo su rivista Vai
2016 A Multimodal Fruition Model for Graphical Contents in Ancient Books Proceedings Vai
2015 Designing Touchless Gestural Interactions for Public Displays In-the-Wild Proceedings Vai
2015 Touchless gestural interfaces for networked public displays: Overcoming interaction blindness and performing evaluations in-the-wild Proceedings Vai
2014 Palmprint principal lines extraction Articolo su libro Vai
2014 Continuous hand openness detection using a Kinect-like device Proceedings Vai
2013 Real-time Hand Pose Recognition Based on a Neural Network Using Microsoft Kinect Proceedings Vai