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Research Area

Active Research fields

 Categorical algebra and non-abelian cohomology.

The aim of our investigation is the study of non abelian cohomology and its interpretations by means of internal categorical structures; our formal context is based on the notion of Grothendieck fibration.
We shall extend to higher dimensions the theory already developed for the cohomological classification of extensions of groups and other 'algebraic' categories. 

Research projects of the last 5 years


2012 – 2015 Member of the PRIN (Italian national research project) research project: “Metodi logici per il trattamento dell'informazione” - directed by prof. Antonio Di Nola - Università di Salerno


Collaboration with Sandra Mantovani and Andrea Montoli (Università di Milano), Alan Cigoli and Enrico Vitale (UCL Louvain-la-Neuve).


Collaboration with the network:

“Category Theory, Algebra, and Topology” (CTAT) is an international network of researchers in these and related fields, whose aim is to facilitate collaboration between those researchers across universities world-wide.

Active research

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