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PhD course description and objectives

The Doctoral Course in Technologies and Sciences for Human Health is designed to provide students with the necessary skills for employment opportunities in specialized companies, research bodies and universities operating in the field of Nanosciences and Biotechnologies for the Human Health, Teranostics and Translational Medicine. The course offers students a unique opportunity for growth in an academic environment characterized by the following specificities:

i) a multidisciplinary scientific approach (Applied Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Medicine and Bioengineering), conducted by different research groups with proven scientific skills and a dense network of national and international collaborations;

ii) significant support in terms of instruments and laboratories at the STEBICEF, DIFC, PROMISE, DICHIROS departments and the ATeN Center of the University of Palermo;

iii) a network of companies and research bodies that believed in the project by making available, already in the XXXIII Cycle, external funds for Doctoral Scholarships and led to obtain industrial-type scholarships financed by MIUR;

iv) a well-established teaching and training experience of the teachers of the College.

PhD students will also carry out their activity abroad for a period of at least 6 months.