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Equipment and/or laboratories


PhD students will be able to take advantage of the instruments and operational laboratories located at the STEBICEF, DIFC, PROMISE, DICHIROS departments and ATeN Center of the University of Palermo. The skills and equipment concern techniques related to: advanced optical spectroscopy, probe scanning microscopy, confocal and electronics; magnetic resonance imaging; characterization and preparation of surfaces and devices; preparation of biomaterials; proteomics and genomics analyses, etc.

Books consistency in volumes and coverage of the course topics:

PhD students will have at their disposal the sources and services offered by the libraries of the University of Palermo, with a well-stocked book and journals library. All PhD students will be given the opportunity to have activated an account of the University of Palermo in order to access the services made available by the University Library System, the Virtual Blood Library and CASPUR (online access to more than 5,000 journals and periodicals).

Software specifically related to the research areas:

PhD students will have access to the computing infrastructure of the University of Palermo and ATeN Center: 64-bit CentOS 6.8 operating system with the following public domain libraries: R, matplotlib, ggplot, jupyter, curl, Oracle-java jdk1.8.0_112, octave -4.0.3, DL_POLY dl_class_1.9, NAMD 2.12, siesta-4.1-b2, gromacs-5.1.4, nwchem-6.6, grace-5.1.25, D3-4.4.2, Netlogo 5.3.1 and 6.0.

Spaces and resources for PhD students and for electronic calculation:

PhD students will have access to the computing infrastructure of the University and the ATeN Center (an HPC cluster with intensive processing based on CPU and/or GPU). The system consists of an architecture based on independent nodes interconnected via Infiniband optical fiber for fast and interfaced outwards with 1 Gb network.