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Scienze Umanistiche



The Mediterranean through Chinese Eyes  Prof Renata Vinci

 Diplomacy, Rhetoric and Pragmatism. A Study on Greek Acts and Privileges issued by the Byzantine Emperors to the Italian Mercantile Cities (AD 1100-1400) – Prof. Cristina Rognoni

OATI - Open Theaters in Italy EN (PNRR) - Prof. Anna Sica

1920 - 2020 Phantasmagories of war in contemporary literary experiences - Prof. Daniela Tononi

 Women's Writings and national identity - Prof Matteo Di Gesù

 Towards a Meta-Archive of Economic Expertise: Knowledge and Positive Law in Late Modern Experiments of Power (Kingdoms of Naples and Sicily) - Prof. Ida Fazio

Old Occitan Corpus (CAO 2) - Prof. Francesco Carapezza 

-  – Prof. Alessia Cervini

- Designing Effective Policies for Politically Correct: a Rhetorical/Pragmatic Model of Total Speech Situation – Prof.Piazza Francesca

- Parts of speech meet rhetorics: searching for syntax in the continuity between the Middle Ages and the Modern Age  – Proff. Lucia Aliffi, Anna Maria Bartolotta, Lucio Melazzo

- Mapping Musical Life. Urban Culture and the Local Press in the Post-Unification Italy – Proff. Anna Tedesco, Lucio Tufano

- Perception, Performativity and cognitive Sciences  Carapezza Marco

- Proteus. An interpretative database of the Greek and Roman mythical lore - Picone Giusto


Scientific Idependence of young Researchers (SIR)

- Textual Genetics and chaotic system. A new approach to the writing process  Tononi Daniela


- Bookalive -Matranga Vito


The project aims to deepen and expand the collaboration activities, both in teaching and in research, with École Supérieure Roi Fahd de Traduction, Université Abdelmalek Essaadi (Tétouan, Morocco), in the context of accessibility to audiovisual, museum and tourist systems.The field is in fact absent in the training offer of the Moroccan Institute, a reference center for higher education for Morocco, based in the international crossroads for the southern coast of the Mediterranean that represents Tangier.Furthermore, three years ago LM 38 started the SOSAC Postgraduate Course with good results, which aims to train subtitles and audio descriptors in the field of translation from French, English, Spanish, German, Arabic and Russian.Among the goals, therefore: - To provide partners with the opportunity to expand their training offer, aiming at a high degree of specialization of necessary and highly requested professional figures both nationally and internationally. - Offer the partner the opportunity to get in touch with the Sicilian and Italian agencies specialized in the project, to start working relationships that can be carried out even at a distance, from their country of residence. - Create a fruitful exchange of teaching and scientific skills between the two Universities in the field of translation, in general, for International Relations. - Start the process of inserting Italian among the studied languages in the partner center, for a more dynamic cultural dialogue between the two countries. Prof. Assunta Polizzi