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Anni attivi: I,II
Classe: LM-27


About the city of Palermo and its University

Programme description


Programme title: Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering 

Tuition fees: 1160-3500 €

Programme Description 

The programme aims to train professionals with skills in the design, management and optimization of distributed electronics systems, telecommunications networks and new services such as emerging cellular networks and the Internet of Things (IoT). For the training of these figures, the course proposes: 

  • advanced skills in the field of electronics, namely the design of programmable electronic systems, electronic circuits for radiofrequency applications, instrumentation and measurements, digital processing and transmission systems;  
  • skills in reference technologies for modern telecommunication systems (from optical fibers to 5G/6G networks) and the new communication bands (from microwaves to Tera-Hertz);  
  • skills in the complete definition of systems and network services, with particular attention to protocols and security for IoT systems. 

This Master degree programme gives access to the ICT Doctoral program of University of Palermo, and offers a wide range of career opportunities, such as: 

  • ICT operations manager;
  • IoT specialist;
  • digital consultant;
  • digital media specialist;
  • network specialist;
  • cloud computing specialist;
  • information security manager;
  • blockchain specialist;
  • data scientist;
  • system architect.

All the courses of the programme are online, following the consolidated models for distance learning, with the integration of teaching provision (e.g. video lessons prepared by the teachers in asynchronous mode) and interactive teaching (accomplished largely through guided interactions with teachers/tutors and peers in). The Learning Platform of Course Management System is Moodle, integrated with Microsoft Teams to provide a wide palette of Learning Management System (LMS) services. 

The Master degree programme is entirely delivered in English and opened to foreign students. The Master degree’s qualification is comparable through the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), so that the academic degree or diploma is recognised in the EU countries. 

Assessment of Linguistic Skills


In order to ascertain linguistic skills before accessing a master's degree course, students will be able to take an English language test which will be carried out in the Sant'Antonino Complex (UNIPA University Linguistic Center - CLA), with the exception of students residing outside the Sicily region who will be able to do it ONLINE (the latter will receive instructions by e-mail).

All students must have wired headphones with a 3.5 mm jack. A fundamental requirement to access the test is to have completed the registration on the Student Portal and to have submitted an application for enrollment in a master's degree program (non-single-cycle master's degree).

Trials calendar:

11 July at 9.00am

7 September at 3.30pm

5 October at 9.00am

7 November at 9.00am

To participate in the test you need to book at this link:

How to enroll