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Proteomics and Genomics




Scientific Leader: Prof. Salvatore Feo
Co-Leader: Dr.ssa Patrizia Cancemi

High throughput molecular analyses: 
characterization of experimental cell culture and animal models through analysis of genomic and protein profiles;
identification of biomarkers for specific response in cells and tissues on exposure to molecules with biological activity and potential pharmacological activity;
validation of products for molecular diagnostics;
development of services for advanced diagnostics.
Genomics - Sanger and Next Generation Sequencing - NGS (Ion Torrent); microarrays analyses (Agilent microarray platforms); Bionalyzer2100 microfluidic DNA and RNA analyses; colorimetric, spectrofluorimetric and luminometric assays on multiwell plates; High throughput PCR, RT-PCR and quantitative RT-PCR.
Proteomics – 2D-DIGE analysis of protein samples which includes: extraction and preparation of the protein sample; protein labeling with fluorophores; two-dimensional electrophoretic maps of proteins; statistical analysis of the relative abundances of protein species in the analyzed samples; excision of the proteins of interest from gel; construction of proteomic maps based on the identities of the differential expressed proteins (in collaboration with the Mass Spectrometry laboratory).
Application fields: Biomedical, Genetics and Genomics, Proteomics, Forensic Medicine, Pharmacogenomics and Pharmacogenetics research.