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Preparation and Analysis of Biomaterials




Scientific Leader: Prof. Mariano Licciardi
Co-Leader: Prof. Roberto Scaffaro
Co-Leader: Prof. Fabio Salvatore Palumbo

The activities of the laboratory are synergic with the other laboratories of the Center and concern the synthesis, development, analysis and transformation of polymer based bio-materials for biotechnologies applied to human health and of molecules with biological activity. It carries out the characterization of materials that can be used in the biomedical field, the production of prototypes and 3D supports that are useful in the clinical or industrial field. Develops and studies pharmaceutical and micro- or nano-carrier formulations for the release of biologically active molecules for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic or food industries. 
Services: synthesis and purification of innovative biopolymers useful for biomedical applications; production of nano and microparticles by spry drying techniques; production and chemical-physical characterization of nano and micro-carrier for drug delivery; study of the release/permeation of drugs from pharmaceutical formulations; characterization of the aggregation state and surface electric potential of nanomaterials; determination of molecular weight and polydispersity of polymers and macromolecules; study of chemical stability, hydrolysis and biodegradability of materials; morphological characterization with microtomography and 3D reconstructions of inorganic materials, biomaterials and biomedical scaffolds; electrospinning of polymeric materials; plasma-cleaning and surface modifications of materials; calorimetric analysis; dynamic-mechanical analysis; analysis of gas and/or liquid permeability; contact angle test; preparation of polymeric composites and/or polymer blends by compounding; material treatments using supercritical fluids;
Fields of application: Biomedical, Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Agro-food, Regenerative Medicine.