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Mechanics of Materials and Biomaterials




Scientific Leader: Prof. Massimiliano Zingales
Co-Leader: Prof. Giuseppe Pitarresi
Co-Leader: Prof.ssa Antonina Pirrotta

The laboratory represents the interface among the classic themes involved in biological, physical, medical sciences and the applicative arguments of engineering. The laboratory is equipped with highly advanced instruments to perform in-vitro multiscale, multiphysics and multiaxial tests on biomaterials and implantable prosthesis. 
Services: Mechanical tests on biological tissues and biomaterials as from code ASTM/ISO, mono and biaxial tests, monotone, cyclic and fatigue tests, mechanical characterization of articular prosthesis, dental implants, vascular implants, spine implants as from ASTM/ISO; Micro/Nano Mechanical characterization of biological tissues, thin films, micro/nano fibers as from codes ISO/ASTM. Measures and surface characterization of thin films; morphology, thickness, measures of displacements and strain fields and velocities with digital image correlation.
Field of application: Biomedical, Clinical, Bioengineering.