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Animal house with operating rooms















Scientific Leader: Prof.ssa Maria Grazia Zizzo 
Co-Leader: Prof. Giulo Ghersi

The Lab operates as research support unit for animal experimental research center in accordance with the University Statute and Regulation.
It gives users the opportunity to host animals which will be used in the experimental procedures indicated from previous projects always approved by the Ministry. This will be beneficial in several aspects, as in the use of the equipment, technical and scientific support, and medical and veterinary staff of the structure. 
Services: maintenance and care for animals, maintenance of genetically modified animal models, maintenance of diet-induced animal models, provision and supply standards and medicated feed, animal welfare check, advices and support during the experimental procedures performed by users. Histology pharmacological and biomolecular analyses, experimental surgery. Metabolic analyses using DRI-CHEM 4000i or BC-2800 Vet minora, Training courses in the field of experimental procedures on laboratory of animals, monitoring of law regulation application, support for anesthesia protocols, help in the design of experiments on animals and consultations in the course of completing the application to the Local Ethics Committee. In vivo imaging facility". Such a platform, is currently equipped with PET/CT multimodal system.

Field application: neurology, oncology, haematology,histopathology, toxicology, drug discovery, experimental surgery, metabolic and behavioral studies.