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Biosynthesis and Clean Room Production



 Scientific Leader: Prof. Giuseppe Gallo


The laboratory is equipped to produce biomolecules that can be used for research and industrial applications in different fields.  
Services: biosynthesis using selected and / or genetically modified microbial strains cultivated in a fermenter with a working volume up to 20 litters; purification of molecule of interest up to 90% (w / w) of the extract composition through tangential flow filtration systems and chromatography; freeze-drying of the product under controlled conditions; chromatographic analysis for the determination of the degree of purity of the sample, of the isoelectric point, of hydrophobicity; electrophoretic separation of proteins by SDS-PAGE; immunological determination of proteins by western blotting; zymographic analysis for hydrolytic activities using specific substrates; determination of enzymatic activities through the use of synthetic substrates and spectrofluorimetric analysis; assays for antimicrobial activity (i.e. inhibition of microbial growth, inhibition of bacterial biofilm formation); determination of the presence of bacterial endotoxins.
Application fields: Biomedicine; Pharmaceutics; Agriculture; Green Economy.