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Scuola Politecnica


The Polytechnic School of the University of Palermo is born from the transformation and integration of the traditional Faculties, as required by the latest national regulations about the University. But beyond compliance with regulations, the Polytechnic School proposes a new training model that aims to integrate, in a modern multidisciplinary approach, the traditional know-how of the Faculty of Agriculture, Architecture, Economics and Engineering.
Nowdays, a modern training offer must be able to overcome precincts and fences that are now obsolete, take advantage of useful synergies, put resources and skills into the system. This is the goal of the Polytechnic School that introduces itself to the students of the Higher Schools with a wide and varied educational offer, strong of 43 courses of study between three-year, masterful and masterful single-cycle, able to compete with the most prestigious National and international universities.

The President of the Polytechnic School