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Scuola Politecnica


The Joint Commitee Teacher-Student is the organization that deals with the activities related to Quality Assurance in the Courses of study.

The Commission, appointed by the School Council, is jointly composed by a teacher and a student for each of the Study Programs related to the School. The Commission elects a Coordinator and a Secretary from within. The students in the Commission are identified among the student representatives of the Study Courses

The Commission is responsible for monitoring the training offer, the quality of teaching and the activity of professors and researchers at the service of students; to identify indicators for the evaluation of results and to formulate opinions about the activation and suppression of courses of study. It is required to prepare an annual report broken down by Study Program that takes into consideration the entire educational offer, with particular reference to the results of the survey of students' opinions, indicating any specific problems for the individual Study Programs. The CPDS Report must be based on elements of independent analysis and transmitted to the Evaluation Unit and to the Study Courses, which implement it and take action to develop proposals for improvement.

In detail, the CPDS performs the following functions:
• proposals to the Evaluation Unit for improving the quality and effectiveness of teaching structures.
• dissemination of the policies adopted by the University in terms of quality among students.
• monitoring the performance of the indicators that measure the degree of achievement of the teaching objectives at the level of individual structures.

To encourage the participation of students in the management of educational activities and services, it is possible to communicate suggestions, reports, irregularities or complaints, even anonymously, through the following online form.

In order to make the work of the Commission truly operational, the reports must relate to circumstantial facts and matters relating to the teaching relating to the Commission.