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Scuola Politecnica

Service for disabilitiy

Welcome to the page of the site dedicated by the Polytechnic School to Services for Differently Skilled Students, here you can find information about the Support Team and the specific services of the School. You can contact us at any time on your university course.

The Support Team for Services to Students with Disabilities at the School provides assistance to environmental and social integration (including organizational and administrative) to students with disabilities.

 The Diversely Skilled Student Services Team is in charge of preparing some basic services useful for the life of the Polytechnic School for Students

 in conditions of disability. From this point of view it is important to establish and maintain direct contact with the individuals concerned so that for everyone and in relation to personal needs, as indicated, action can be taken in the most effective way. Students with disabilities are therefore advised to contact the Support Team for Diversely Skilled Students Services to report any needs in relation to the logistics of the lessons, the disciplines to be attended, the type of exams to be taken and specific Faculty services. of which one intends to use (library, secretarial offices, scientific laboratories, computer labs, etc.).