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Research Area

Active Research fields

Bank management, Lending, Economics of financial instruments, Financial innovation, Risk management, Financial regulation, Corporate finance.

Research projects of the last 5 years

Internal Ratings in the Credit Risk Management, University of Palermo, 2003.

Venture Capital and Private Equity in the development of SMEs, University of Palermo, 2007.

Institutional Investors and Equity Market, University of Palermo, 2006.

The Effects of International Accounting Standards on Banking Industry, University of Palermo, 2005.

The Adoption of International Accounting Standards and the Financial Disclosure of Banks, University of Palermo, 2004.

The New Regulation of Bank Capital Adequacy, University of Palermo, 2003.

Internal Rating and Credit Risk Management, University of Palermo, 2002.

Credit Risk Regulation in Bank Management, University of Palermo, 2001

Internet Banking: the New Frontiers of Production and Distribution of Banking Services, University of Palermo, 2000.

Asset Management: Financial and Regulatory Issues, University of Palermo, 1999.

Institutional and Competitive Innovation in the Italian Banking Industry, University of Palermo, 1998.

Basel II and New Corporate Laws: Strategic and Financial Decisions of Small and Medium Firms, Faculty of Economics, University of Palermo, 2006-2007.

Real and Financial Integration in the Mediterranean Countries, PRIN Research Project (Scientific Coordinator: Prof. Vincenzo Fazio), University of Palermo, 2007-2010.

Resources and Knowledge in the Economics of Strategic Networks of Firms (Scientific Director: Prof. Arabella Mocciaro Li Destri), University of Palermo, 2012-2014.

Financial Innovation and Lending in Banking, University of Palermo, 2014-2015.

Risk Reporting in Banking: Accounting and Regulatory Issues, University of Palermo, 2016-2017.



Financial Innovation and the Evolution of Business Models of Banks, University of Palermo and Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Madrid (Spain), 2015.

Financial and Economical Sustainability of Micro Finance Institutions and Micro Finance Projects, Faculty of Economics (University of Palermo) and Faculty of Economics (University of Rome “La Sapienza”), 2005-2006.

Technological Innovations and Financial Intermediation: How Technology is Changing the Economics of Banks, University of Palermo and Harvard Business School, Harvard University, Boston (USA), 2005-2006.

Active research

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