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Research Area

Active Research fields

The main research interests include issues of urban regeneration and local development, waterfront regeneration, the margin landscapes and urban recycling. Among the publications: B. Lino (2014), Suburbs in transformer-action. Reflections from the "margins" of the city. Alinea, Florence.

Research projects of the last 5 years

From 1 June 2011 to 1 June 2013 she is member of the OP Italy-Malta 2007-2013 with a program entitled WATERFRONT (Water And Territorial Policies for Integration oF Multisectorial Development), scientific director prof. Maurizio Carta.

She collaborated (from 1/2/2012 to 02/28/2013) with the Department of Architectural Heritage and Urban Planning (PAU) Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria in the context of the Espon project 2013- SIESTA "Spatial indicator for in Europe Strategy Territorial Analysis ".

From 2014 she is a researcher of the Laboratory of SICANI AND LOCAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE VALLEY OF THE PLATANI (POLO UNIVERSITARIO DI RICERCA DI BIVONA E SANTO STEFANO DI QUISQUINA PER L’ENERGIA, L’AMBIENTE E LE RISORSE DEL TERRITORIO) that under the scientific responsibility of the Department of Architecture, pursues the objectives of local development and seeks to outline a shared strategic and sustainable vision of the future social, economic and cultural Sicani territory and Valle del Platani and connects people and ideas to produce concrete initiatives affecting the territory.

She collaborates under the scientific responsibility of the coordinator prof. Maurizio Carta Unit to research "Smart Planning Lab" part of the National Project Smart City and Communities entitled i-NEXT: Innovation for Green Energy and eXchange in Transportation, funded by the Ministry of Education.

She is RU component of University of Palermo (Scientific Coordinator prof. Maurizio Carta) in National Research "RE-CYCLE Italy. New Life Cycles for Architecture and Infrastructure of City and Landscape "(PRIN 2011) and she is coordinator of tutorship RU group dedicated to the initiative "Roma Design 20-25 ".

RU component of Palermo (Scientific Coordinator prof. Maurizio Carta) of the OP Italy-Tunisia DO.RE.MI.HE. Doctorat de Recherche pour la mise en valeur the Heritage Naturel et Culturel - Italy-Tunisia 2007-2013 and head of the Campus.

Member of the research group of the University of Palermo for the DAAD Project 2016 "Territories. The role of urbanism and landscape for rural-urban re-balancing.Scientific conference and seminar". Project ID 57218708

Member of the research group of the University of Palermo for the DAAD Project 2017-2018. "Dynamics of the periphery". Project ID 57336015.


The different research projects are based on partnerships with national and international research groups among the project partners.

Active research

Services delivered under the right of third parties

Consultancy in the fields of spatial planning.