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Scienze Agrarie, Alimentari e Forestali




The traditional missions of the University, focusing on Teaching and Research, have been extended to the so-called Third Mission, knowledge transfer.

The Third Mission has an increasingly crucial and strategic role. It represents the economic and social mission of the University and its contribution can be extremely beneficial to the community and the territory.

The Third Mission in Universities seeks to generate knowledge outside of academic environments.

Through the valorization and the transfer of knowledge, technology and scientific discovery, it contributes to the economic, social and cultural development of the reference territory, in reaction to the growing economic and social challenges.

 Priorities keys of Third Mission:

- targeted use and transfer of academic knowledge to help resolve different societal challenges;

- transferring of technologies and innovations in the form of cooperation with public and private enterprises.

The Third Mission action at SAAF is consistent with the guidelines of the University of Palermo.

SAAF Department has developed a set of tools to promote research based innovation in order to strengthen the relationship with industry and society.

The Department is strongly directed to transfer and disseminate scientific knowledge and technological innovations resulting from the research activities carried out in support of sustainable development of the agricultural and forestry territory and agri-food production quality and safety.