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Unipa's EUMoSIT Centre of Excellence plans the activities, in the three-year period 2019-2022, of a team of Italian and foreign experts - with Prof. Vincenzo Militello as scientific director and Prof. Alessandro Spena as coordinator - that connects the activities of universities, public institutions and civil society, including the City of Palermo and the Giovanni Falcone Foundation, as well as the Universities of Oxford (with the connected Border criminologies network), London (Queen Mary) and Barcelona.

In particolar, the following scholars will take part in the Project:

Lorena Bachmaier, Universidad Complutense Madrid

Mary Bosworth, University of Oxford

Josè Angel Brandariz, University of Coruna

Manuel Cancio Melia, Universidad Autonoma del Madrid

Mirenxtu Corcoy, Universitat de Barcelona

Serena Forlati, University of  Ferrara

Tommaso Francesco Giupponi, University Alma Mater Bologna

Antonio La Spina, LUISS University

Valsamis Mitsilegas, Queen Mary University

Tommaso Rafaraci, University of Catania

John Vervaele, University of Utrecht

Anabela Miranda Rodrigues, University of Coimbra