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Europe between Mobility and Security: the challenges of illicit trades in the Mediterranean Area

As part of the Jean Monnet activities 2019, the European Union funded the Centre of Excellence "Europe between Mobility and Security: the challenges of illicit trades in the Mediterranean Area" (EUMoSIT) presented and co-funded by the Department of Law in the University of Palermo.

The Jean Monnet programme is part of the comprehensive ERASMUS+ programme and is divided into various funding lines, at the top of which are the Centers of Excellence, dedicated to research and related dissemination activities carried out on topics of European relevance by qualified pools of researchers and international institutions. The 2019 awards have been given to twenty-nine projects worldwide, of which only three in Italy.

Unipa's EUMoSIT Centre of Excellence plans the activities, during the years 2019-2022, of a team of Italian and foreign experts - with Prof. Vincenzo Militello as scientific director and Prof. Alessandro Spena as coordinator - which links the activities of universities, public institutions and civil society, including the City of Palermo and the Giovanni Falcone Foundation, as well as the Universities of Oxford (with the connected “Border criminologies network”), London (Queen Mary University) and Barcelona.

EUMoSIT intends to address the complex dynamics of modern migrations and trade in the Mediterranean basin, focusing on illicit trafficking in its many forms, with particular reference to human beings, cultural goods and drugs.

The research path promoted by the Centre of Excellence is flanked by educational activities and the dissemination of results, including a teaching course as part of UniPa's training offer for the academic year 2019/2020 on "Immigration law and policies", thematic seminar cycles in Italy and abroad and a Summer School related to the Centre's activities scheduled for next years.









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