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Scienze Politiche e delle relazioni internazionali

University tutor

Nov 15, 2019

The university of Palermo provides mentoring activities for all the students looking for individual and methodological support.
The mentoring activity consists of:

  • reception and orientation to all the courses for first year’s students.
  • provision of educational-methodological support in case of difficulties in approaching to certain subjects.
  • provision of personal consultation and assistance for:
    • methodological support
    • supplementary educational activities 
    • academic scientific and cultural activities, foreign studies opportunities
  • graduand’s support in thesis’ writing and presentation,including bibliographic research support.


University tutor L-16 Course

  Tutor Discipline
  Daniele Amodeo


Modern history, contemporary history, teaching support, thesis support


 Stefana Garello


Modern history, Contemporary history, History of political institutions, thesis support, Philosophy of Law, Political Philosophy


 Sofia Gorgone


English language and translation,
Public law, Thesis support and Methodology.


Gabriele Pizzo


Tutor of French - English - Italian (L2)