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Scienze Politiche e delle relazioni internazionali

Graduation calendar - extraordinary session June a.y. 2019-20

May 21, 2021


Graduation exams will ordinarily take place in presence, in compliance with the University’s safety protocols.

In case of valuable reasons related to the covid-19 emergency situation, one or more candidates can request to attend the exam by remote.

In order to avoid any assemblages, the candidate and accompanying persons must arrive at the exam venue 15 minutes before the scheduled time and must leave the office immediately after the end of the exam.

Celebrations or any forms of assemblage within the University areas, including open spaces, are absolutely forbidden.

The candidate can be accompanied by a maximum of 5 persons. The candidate and accompanying persons must wear a surgical or community mask for the entire stay at the University premises.

Candidates and accompanying persons must respect the distance of at least 1 meter (including the movement space) between themselves and the commission or any other staff members.

At the entrance of the classroom, candidates and accompanying persons must deliver the self-declaration form to the staff, printed, dated and signed, together with a copy of their identification document.

Extraordinary session degrees June a.y. 2019/2020






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