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Cultural heritage (ERC areas: SH3_4; SH5_10; SH6_12; PE6_4)

  • Technological support and materials for restoration;
  • Application of nanotechnology to the cultural heritage;
  • Technological support and strategies for the development of archaeological parks in value;
  • Hystory of architecture;
  • Study and cataloging of buildings, sites and areas of historical value;
  • Strategies and itineraries for cultural tourism;
  • Applications of innovative technologies for surveing and cataloging; and for reconstruction of disappeared buildings.

Territorial development (ERC areas: SH2_7; SH2_12; SH3)

  • Development strategies in the Mediterranean areas;
  • Strategies for competitiveness of production systems;
  • Environmental assessments and ecological networks;
  • Processes of urbanization and urban regeneration policies;
  • Participatory practices and structural changes;
  • Technological support to communication.

Architectural, urban and landscape design (ERC areas: SH3_1; SH3_9; SH5_12; SH6_12; PE8_10; PE8_13; PE8_16)

  • Theory and methods of architectural, urban and landscape design
  • Strategies and forms of urban changes;
  • Accessibility and mobility: new public spaces and infrastructure;
  • Strategies and systems of landscape;
  • Design experiments on the city: brownfield and marginal sites;
  • Quality control building and technological support;
  • Technology of materials and environmental sustainability;
  • Production technology, process engineering;
  • Lightweight construction, textile technology;
  • Architectural engineering.

Design and visual communication (ERC areas: SH3_1; SH3_3; SH2_12; SH5_7; SH5_10; PE6_4; PE8_12)

  • Innovative processes of transformation of urban public spaces, using digital techniques;
  • Exibit and installations in the contemporary city;
  • New relational spaces in the contemporary city;
  • Eco-friendly materials, handicraft production and merchandising;
  • Development of products with recycled content;
  • Sustainable design (for recycling, for environment, eco-design).

Agroecology, agricultural biodiversity and rural landscape (ERC areas: LS3_11; LS3_12; LS8_1; LS8_2; LS9_5; LS9_6; LS9_7)

  • Models of agronomic production and regeneration in Mediterranean environments;
  • In vivo and in vitro agricultural biodiversity preservation;
  • Agroecology and knowledge models in traditional agricultural landscapes;
  • Circular economy and reuse of agri-food by-products;
  • Agricultural biodiversity and agroecology in design, planning and engineering.

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