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Short biographical notes


Researcher for the Department of Engineering at the University of Palermo (Italy) since 2018.

Master Degree (2007), summa cum laude, in Civil Engineering and Doctoral Degree (2010) in Hydraulic Engineering at University of Palermo. He was engaged in academic research activities, under different positions (postgraduate scholarships, postdoctoral fellowships, professional contracts), at the University of Palermo, University of Trapani and CINFAI (National Consortium of Universities for the physics of atmospheres and of hydrospheres). Research fellowship (2009) funded by the NASA project WaterSCAPES at Princeton University (NJ-USA). He was appointed technical consultant in the field of hydrology for Italian Tribunals and Courts of Justice. He earned the Italian National Scientific Qualification (ASN MIUR) for the role of Associate Professor in 2017.

His didactic experience comprises seminars, collaborations and support activities for the academic courses and exams in Hydrology, Ecohydrology, Hydroinformatics, Urban Hydraulic Systems, Prediction and Prevention of Hydrogeological Risk, and Geographic Information Systems. He was assistant supervisor for over 25 master degree's theses. He is author of over 60 publications, with over 20 peer-reviewed scientific ISI articles published in some of the major international journals in water science scientific sector. He is member of the editorial board of different scientific international journals.

Research activity


He conducts high impact research in the field of hydrology, eco-hydrology and hydroinformatics, including specific topics such as:

  • hydrological/ecohydrological modeling in semi-arid regions and wetlands
  • hydrological control on biodiversity and vegetation water stress
  • analytical reconstruction of flow duration curves
  • rainfall-runoff models and water resources assessment
  • environment monitoring and early warning systems for rainfall triggered landslides;
  • statistical hydrology: trend analysis and analysis of hydrological extremes;
  • hydrological changes induced by climate and land use changes;
  • indicators for hydrological regime alterations

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