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Research Area

Active Research fields

Quantum-chemical simulations of mineral of geopetrologic and industrila interest

Advanced statistical methods applied in kinetics modelling, crystal structure refinements and so on

Engineering of materials for the waste water treatmen

Research projects of the last 5 years

Museo Aperto per Giovani Scienziati- MAGIS  -Staging, exploitation and promotion of the Museum of Mineralogy -COMM_CONV

PRIN 2011 " From raw material of the earth's system to the technological applications: crystalchemical ans structural study" 


Prof. Alessandro Pavese - University of Turin

Prof. Monica Dapiaggi - University of Milan

Prof. Giuseppe Cruciani - University of Ferrara

Member of SIMP

Member of GNM

Active research

3 32 CPU XEON servers

XRay powder diffractometer



Services delivered under the right of third parties

XRay powder diffraction analyses

XRF analyses

Mineralogical consultancy