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Research Area

Active Research fields

My main research fields are: Semiotics of Design, Semiotics of Food and Gastronomy, Semiotics of Branding and Advertising, Semiotics of Photography. In all such areas, my goals usually consist in identifying the meaning production processes involved in the cultural products, highlighting the communication strategies and setting up the instruments useful to analyse them.


Research projects of the last 5 years

PRIN 2015

Title:  Politic Cuisine. The language of food between social practices and ideological representations.

National coordinator: Massimo Montanari, Local coordinator: Gianfranco Marrone


Università di Bologna: prof. Massimo Montanari

Università di Pollenzo: prof. Nicola Perullo, prof. Andrea Pieroni

Università di Roma "La Sapienza", prof.ssa Isabella Pezzini, prof.ssa Marcella Frangipane, prof. Pierluigi Cervelli

Università LUISS di Roma: prof. Paolo Peverini

Active research

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Communication strategies consultant