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Il senso del buono


Food design, the last among the stars of the design galaxy that holds very different fields under the notion of project, seems to be the answer to a world in which food has become a life philosophy. But what does “designing food” mean? And how can such an activity be theoretically supported? Ten theses to shed some light on a discipline whose implicit aim is to rethink food in relation to the human and social meaning it assumes: 1) There is no good except “good to think”; 2) Food design does not coincide with cuisine; 3) Food design does not consist in creating expedients but solutions; 4) Food designing always means re–designing; 5) Food design horizons are not objects but experiences; 6) Food designing produces taste identities; 7) The concept of terroir is the product of design thinking applied to food; 8) Tradition is an unaware form of food designing; 9) Food design considers gastronomic actors as hybrids; 10) Food designing presupposes a theory of signification.