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Study of growth opportunities for Sicilian sparkling wine market by a Simple Correspondence Analysis and a Focus Group


Sicilian territory vocation to the production of wines is a prerequisite needed to ensure a large variety of high quality products, very appreciated by national and international markets. Indeed, Sicily produces sparkling wines since the past century and now there are 21 Sicilian wineries that produce high quality sparkling wines. Currently, Sicilian sparkling wines are sold in the local market, however, customer penetration is still low due to a lack of communication and advertising. This paper is divided in two parts and aims to investigate through an experimental survey, possible growth opportunities for Sicilian sparkling wines market. In the rst part we applied the Simple Correspondence Analysis (SCA), to data collected by a questionnaire given to a sample of consumers participant to a blind tasting, in order to know, on the basis of an opinion on taste, the structure of dependence among the types of sparkling wines tasted, the prices and the places of purchase. In the second part, through the Focus Group technique (respondents were a sub-sample of the participants to the blind tasting), we examined the preferences of the group and its perception about taste, price and place of purchase for the sparkling wines tasted.