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Research Area

Active Research fields

The main research interests are related to the application of quantiitative methods for social sciences. The main applications are in the field of tourism and helathcare services.He is author of publications on internationa journals on topics related to tourism statistics, the analysis of tourist behavior through GPS technology; Seasonality in tourism and healthcare service evaluation.



Research projects of the last 5 years

Tackling inequalities in Health. Analysis of territorial distribution of healthcare services. In collaboration with the Epidemiological Observatory of Sicily Region.



Regional Economic Applications Laboratory (IL-USA)

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Area Marina Protetta Isola di Ustica

Dipartimento Attività Sanitarie e Osservatorio Epidemiologico, Regione Siciliana

Active research

Analisys of mobility through GPS devices and Smartphone app; Infra-red beam counter.

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