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Research Area

Active Research fields

Cognitive Sciences: Theories and Models of perception, visual perception, auditory perception, time perception; Philosophy: Mind Body Problem, epistemology, philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, phenomenology; A.I./Robotics: Human-Robot Interaction, Human-Humanoid Interaction, Social Robotics; Psychology: History of Psychology, Gestalt Psychology; Aesthetics: picture perception, music perception.

Research projects of the last 5 years

2017-2014: Perceptual foundations of Human-Humanoid Interaction (project member: R. Sorbello; status: ongoing research).

2016: Time perception and cognitive load (project members: M. Cardaci & M. Tabacchi; status: ongoing research).

2014-2012: Aesthetics and The Logic of Science (project members: E. Di Stefano, S. Tedesco, E. Crescimanno; status: closed)

2013-2009: Abstract models of perception (status: closed).



Active research

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