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Scienze e Tecnologie Biologiche Chimiche e Farmaceutiche

History and Presentation

The Dept. Of Biological, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies (STEBICEF) was established on 01.01.2013, by merging the late Dept. of Molecular and Biomolecular Sciences and Technologies (STEMBIO) and the late Dept. of Environmental Biology and Biodiversity (DAB), joined by part of the members of the late Dept. of Chemistry.

The STEBICEF Dept. is aimed at creating, in synergy with other Institutions, a training structure for biological, biotechnological, chemical pharmaceutical and environmental research, in order to contribute to its academic and scientific growth.

The Dept. promotes and coordinates research activities in the following Scientific-Disciplinary Sectors (SDSs):

BIO/01    - General Botany
BIO/02    - Systematic Botany
BIO/03    - Applied and Environmental Botany,
BIO/04    - Plant physiology
BIO/05    - Zoology
BIO/06    - Comparative Anatomy and Citology
BIO/08    - Anthropology
BIO/09    - Physiology
BIO/10    - Biochemistry
BIO/11    - Molecular Biology
BIO/13    - Applied Biology
BIO/14    - Pharmacology
BIO/18    - Genetics
BIO/19    - Microbiology
CHIM/01 – Analitical Chemistry
CHIM/02 – Physical Chemistry
CHIM/03 – Inorganic Chemistry
CHIM/06 – Organic Chemistry
CHIM/08 – Medicinal Chemistry
CHIM/09 – Pharmaceutical Technologies and Applications
CHIM/10 – Food Chemistry
CHIM/12 – Environmental and Cultural Heritage Chemistry 
MED/04   - General Pathology

Furthermore, the Dept. supports the PhD schools in Molecular and Biomolecular Sciences and Environmental Biology and Biodiversity, contributes to other PhD Schools, and supports the Educational activities of various Courses, Specialization Schools and Master Courses, for the disciplines of its own competence, including support for degree experimental theses. In order to accomplish these tasks, the Dept. provides the scientific and didactic structures that It has been attributed upon its establishment.

The current Dean is Prof. Silvestre Buscemi
Vice-dean: Prof. Salvatore Feo
Administration manager: Dr. Silvia Cossentino

The Dept. is articulated in various locations, and is organized in the following sections:

- Botany, Anthropology and Zoology, via Archirafi n.18 e n.38, coordinator: Prof. Marco Arculeo

- Cell Biology, viale delle Scienze ed.16, coordinator: Prof. Rosa Serio,

- Chemistry, viale delle Scienze ed.17, coordinator: Prof. Francesca D'Anna

- Medicinal and Biological Chemistry, via Archirafi n.32-28, coordinator: Prof. Patrizia Diana

- Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology, via Archirafi n.32, coordinator: Prof. Giovanna Pitarresi.

Administration address:
Viale delle Scienze, ed. 16
90128 Palermo - Italia
tel. +39 091 238111
fax +39 091 6577210
posta certificata (pec):

How to reach the buildings in via Archirafi: the location is near the Central Railway and Bus Station, and is served by Bus lines 234 (the nearby via Lincoln also by buses 139, 221, 224 and 250).

How to reach the buildings in viale delle Scienze: It is served by the Underground Station of Orleans; near the campus, via Basile, there is the the Terminal Bus station.

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