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Scienze e Tecnologie Biologiche Chimiche e Farmaceutiche

The Council

The Department Council (C.d.D.) is the organism encharged of developing and planning activities of the Department and to choose the relevant implementation criteria.

The Department Council is composed by:

- The Director, who convenes and presides it;
- Professors, permanent researchers and temporary researchers;
- the administrative manager with the function of secretary and with right to vote;
- a representation of technical-administrative staff equal to 10% of the teaching staff;
- a representation of scholarship holders or research fellowships or multi-year research contracts assigned to the Department in a number equal to 10% of the teaching staff;
- a representation of the students, enrolled in the specialization and research doctorate courses based in the department, equal to 10% of the teaching staff.

The electoral operations for the designation of the representatives of the non-permanent members of the C.d.D. are governed by the specific University regulations.