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The Council is made up of structured teachers who in the current Accademic Year carry out at any degree, a course or module included in the O.F. provided in that year and the representatives of the students.

The Council’s task is to plan, organize and coordinate educational activities based on the directives of the Statute of the University of Palermo and the indications from the Atheneum Quality Presidium, the Quality Assurance Commission, the Joint Teaching-Student Commission of the Department of Earth and Sea Sciences and the Social Partners.


1.            Antonio Caruso (Coordinator)

2.            Silvio Rotolo (Vicar; reception of freshmen; erasmus and internationalization)

3.            Fabrizio Pepe (Responsible for managing the website)

4.            Giuseppe Montana (Responsible for classrooms and educational laboratories)

5.            Giovanna Scopelliti (Responsible for classrooms and educational laboratories)

6.            Martorana Raffaele (Responsible for calendar and timetable)

7.            Daniela Varrica (Responible for statistics and monitoring;workshops)

8.            Cipriano di Maggio (Responsible for Scientific Degree Projects; relations with schools and PCTO project; reception of freshmen)

9.            Sergio Calabrese (Responsible for Scientific Degree Projects)

10.          Edoardo Rotigliano (Responsible for relations with schools and PCTO project; stage e internships; relations with professional studios, laboratories and enterprises)

11.          Giuliana Madonia (Responsible access test, OFA)

12.          Paolo Censi (Responsible access test, OFA)

13.          Raffaele Martorana (Responsible reception of freshmen)

14.          Antonella Maccotta (Responsible tutoring)

15.          Attilio Sulli (Responible of field activity)

16.          Maurizio Gasparo Morticelli (Responible of field activity)

17.          Alessandro Aiuppa (Professor)

18.          Fabio Cafiso (Contract Professor)

19.          Patrizia Capizzi (Professor)

20.          Chiara Cappadnia (Professor)

21.          Girolamo Casella (Professor)

22.          Pietro Di Stefano (Professor)

23.          Vito Ferro (Professor)

24.          Rosario Iaria (Professor – Department of Physics and Chemistry)

25.          Alessandro Incarbona(Professor)

26.          Maria Carmela Lombardo (Professor – Dipartment of Mathematics and Informatics)

27.          Marcello Merli (Professor)

28.          Francesco Parello (Professor)

29.          Marco Rosone (Professor – Department of Engineering)

30.          Luciana Sciascia (Professor)

31.          Simona Todaro (Professor)

32.          Greta Militello (student)

33.          Manfredi Cusimano (student)

34.          Ignazio Fanalista (student)

35.          Isabella Ganci (student)

36.          Sarah La Rosa (student)

37.          Strazzera Matteo (student)


Delegates of DiSTeM

 - Edoardo Rotigliano (Didactic)

- Marco Milazzo (Internationalization and Erasmus Projects)

- Silvio Giuseppe Rotolo (Stage e Internships)

- Christian Conoscenti (Job Placement)

- Cipriano Di Maggio (Orientation)

- Daniela Varrica (Innovation and Improvement of University Didactic)