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Fisica e Chimica - Emilio Segrè

Research Laboratories


The equipment hosted in the various laboratories can be used according to the Regulations of the Department Laboratories. Some of them are in common use.

Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics and Nanotechnologies
Laboratory of Advanced Materials Physics
Laboratory of Thermodynamics and Structural properties of Supramolecular Systems
Laboratory of Physics Applied to Medicine, Environment and Cultural Heritage
Laboratory of the Complex Systems Observatory
Computational Chemistry Laboratory
Laboratory of Radiation-Matter Interaction and Computational Techniques
Theoretical Physics Laboratory
Laboratory of Physics Education Research
Astrophysics and Technology Laboratory (INAF-OAPA / UNIPA)
Laboratory of Computational Biophysics

Teaching Laboratories

Teaching Laboratory A. Head Prof. V. Vetri
Teaching Laboratory B. (Physics). Head Prof. V. Vetri
Teaching Laboratory C. (Physics). Head Prof. M. Cannas
Condensed-Matter Physics Laboratory. Head Prof. S. Agnello
General Physics Laboratory I. Resp. Head T. Di Salvo
Computer Room (Physics). Resp. Head F. Reale
Teaching Laboratory 4. Head Prof. N. Muratore
Teaching Laboratory 6. Head Prof. N. Muratore
Laboratory of Modern Physics and Semiconductor Physics. Head Prof. D. Persano Adorno
Information Technology Laboratory for Physics Education. Head Prof. C. Fazio
General Physics Laboratory 2. Head Prof. F. Principato
Teaching Laboratory of Informatics for Biological Systems. Head Prof. G. Cottone

Research laboratories for educational use

XACT Laboratory of INAF/OAPA.  Head Prof. M. Barbera
Laboratory of Astrophysics and Data Analysis.
Head Prof. R. Iaria