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Doctoral Course in Technologies and Methods for University Education

Administrative headquarters: University of Palermo

Affiliated Universities: University of Cagliari, Polytechnic of Turin


Research facilities



Equipment and/or laboratories

Depending on the chosen research area, the doctoral student will be able to develop his project in collaboration with the departments and research groups of the three universities operating in the sector of interest. He/she will work together and collaborate with researchers in advanced laboratories, present in the various universities, and will use their equipment.This is to promote and encourage interaction between fundamental/applied research and teaching research for deeper learning that is closer to the challenges of the real world 


consistency in volumes and coverage of the course topics

The University Library Systems will make available to doctoral students the book heritage relating to the topics being researched, also through the relevant online services:;;
In any case, the research groups involved in the PhD activities have extensive book coverage, in paper and/or electronic format, relating to the topics of the PhD

Magazine/journal subscriptions

The associated universities have subscriptions to journals adequate to cover all the topics covered by the Doctorate.Doctoral students can access a wide range of journals in paper and electronic formats through the university library systems:;; 



The university library systems allow access to the main journal collections in electronic format, as well as to the ISI-WOS (Clarivate Analitics) and Scopus databases.;;
UniPA also publishes a journal explicitly aimed at research in education: Quaderni di Ricerca in Didattica:

Software specifically relevant to the envisaged research sectors

In the laboratories of the associated universities, data collection and analysis and simulation software are widely available for teaching research, both transversal and disciplinary.

Spaces and resources for doctoral students  

Classrooms and studios for doctoral students and computer and research laboratories in disciplinary/transversal teaching in associated universities. Doctoral students will be hosted in the appropriate