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Quality Assurance


AQ Commission

The PhD Course in Technologies and Methods for University Education, based on the indications of the Quality Assurance of Palermo University, carries out monitoring and revision activities such as the collection, consultation and analysis of data deriving from internal evaluation. To this purpose, the PhD Board makes use of the assistance of the Quality Assurance (AQ) Commission which provides for the analysis of the objectives and the general structure of the Course to adopt strategies for improving the management of the PhD Course.


The AQ Commission for the PhD in Technologies and Methods for University Education is appointed by the PhD Board and is composed of the Dean of PhD board, who carries out the functions of Coordinator of the Commission, four teachers of the PhD Board (two from PoliTO, one from UniCa and one from UniPA) chosen from among the members of the PhD Board, and two representatives of the PhD students (one per cycle)

Currently, the members of the AQ Commission are:

Prof. Claudio Fazio (coordinator)

Prof. Francesca Montagna (PoliTO)

Prof. Fulvio Corno (PoliTO)

Prof. Gabriella Macciocca (UniCA)

Prof. Francesco Pace (UniPA)

Dott.ssa Gioele Galiano (representative of PhD students of the 38° Cycle)

A representative of PhD students of the 39° Cycle (to be elected)

Dott.ssa Ilaria Lupo  (representative of PhD students of the 39° Cycle)


The AQ Commission assists the Coordinator in the monitoring activities of the Quality Assurance System, of Palermo University. The Commission is responsible for:

1) draw up the document analyzing the results of the PhD students' questionnaires;

2) draw up the annual self-evaluation report and the cyclical review report;

3) coordinate all monitoring activities and proposals for improving the course.

 For further information, please refer to the University guidelines

Initial planning of the PhD course