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The Department of Physics and Chemistry – Emilio Segré (DiFC) offers a PhD program in Physical and Chemical Sciences, born in 2018 from the confluence of the two previous PhD programs, Physics and Materials Science and Nanotechnologies, the latter in agreement with University of Catania.

The PhD program in Physical and Chemical Sciences is highly interdisciplinary and covers a wide variety of research areas, reflecting the heterogeneous scientific backgrounds of DiFC faculty members: Astrophysics, Quantum Mechanics, Physics of Complex Systems, Nanomaterials for Electronics, Photonics and Optoelectronics, Chemistry of Materials and Nanotechnologies, Environmental Analytical Chemistry.

The Ph.D. trainees in Physical and Chemical Sciences become qualified to autonomously carry out fundamental and applied research.
Furthermore, the skills they acquire in Information and Communication Technologies, and their, highly developed, problem-solving abilities, make our PhDs excellent candidates to be hired also in the private sector, e.g. in the finance industry, in consulting, or in high-tech enterprises. Indeed, the majority of our PhD laureates has already found a job as a researcher in Universities, international research centers or in private enterprises.