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Visiting Professor

In the international context of joint activities among universities and research institutes, as well as in the framework of international Cooperation Agreements, all professors / researchers / highly qualified experts, belonging to foreign universities, and also to foreign research and higher education institutions, called to carry out teaching or research activities at the University of Palermo, for at least one month, can hold the task of Visiting Professor, Visiting Researcher or Visiting Fellow.

- Visiting Professor is a tenured professor, or highly qualified scholar, called at the University of Palermo to carry out teaching activity into an active Course of Studies.

  Teaching collaboration includes:
     - lesson cycles,
     - seminars,
     - conferences,
     - educational cooperation, etc.

- Visiting Researcher is a highly qualified researcher, called at the University of Palermo to carry out research activity in cooperation with scholars of the University of Palermo.

- Visiting Fellow is a researcher, called at the University of Palermo to carry out research activity under supervision of scholars of the University of Palermo.

  Scientific collaboration includes:
     - research activities in the University Labs,
     - scientific cooperation activities.


Decree n. 837 of 2015 >


Documents for the application
- Candidate's application to the Head of Department
- Department's contact professor application
- Candidate's curriculum
- Programme of the activity to be carried out
- Department Resolution

Documents for the release of final certification
Data form and scientific report of the carried out activities >


For further informations:

Operative Unit of Department's Administration
U.O. Institutional Affairs | Deputy Administration Manager >
Marcella Russo
phone: +39 091 238 99302
Operative Unit of Central Administration
U.O. Internazional Cooperation for Eduction and Research >
Antonino Serafini
phone: +39 091 238 93741